Binary Options – Fixed Return Options

Binary Options – Fixed Return Options

Up until recently, all or nothing options were the most popular options out there on the market until binary options got in on the action. All or nothing options are options that either gives you the full returns or no returns at all. This is obvious from the name. All or nothing options have been a hit in the past and even now because of the high profits that are possible to make. The thing is that in order to have any chance of making profits at all, you need to be very experienced.

If you have the experience, then fine, but if not good luck! The big problem that has erupted in the last 5 years is even with experience, traders haven’t been able to get their returns back. This is the ultimate problem of all or nothing options. When comparing all or nothing options with binary options, the former only offer returns if you predict right. Whereas binary options give you returns whatever you predict. This is important if you want to come up with a strong and dramatic trading strategy.

Binary Options Strategy

The commencement of binary options by the international markets has made it so much easier to trade today. Binary options do offer you a binary options strategy. This means that even prior to trading, you have an effective strategy to make all the money that you have always wanted. Strategies are more difficult with all or nothing options due to the absence of a popular trading strategy. Some binary options trading platforms do actually offer all or nothing binary options. But it may be the best thing for you to stay away from these types due to the fact that this carries nearly the same risks as regular all or nothing options trading.

  • Binary Options vs. All or Nothing Options

It is fairly obvious that binary options have many advantages over all or nothing options. As a result, you need to look more into the benefits that you can reap from binary options. Whenever there is an opportunity to make money, you must take it. There’s no point in having regret in life. All or nothing options can charge very high commissions. Thus even if you end up being correct, you will be charged a commission. On the other hand, if your prediction is wrong with all or nothing options, you are still charged commission. This is not the case with binary options. There are no commissions at all. Therefore, whether you make money or not – there will be no commission charged on your account. This should play into your trading strategy from the very outset.

You also have many other advantages of trading binary options overall or nothing options. Binary options are much more freely available over the net than all or nothing options. Binary options brokers have many deposit and withdrawal methods that are very quick. Consequently, you can trade binary options in a matter of minutes, which is not necessarily the case with all or nothing options. So you should take this to mind, and never forget. This is very useful, because if you do decide to trade binary options today, then good! Additionally, if you switch from another type of broker, many binary options brokers offer you a bonus of up to several 100%. This means if you deposit $100 you can start trading with many times this value. Taking all of these advantages of binary options into account it is no wonder that they are the number one vehicle of trading today!

Binary Options in pdfOne touch options trading are one of the many ways that you can trade binary options. It is one of the choices that will increase your flexibility and the chance you have of making all the money you’ve always wanted. This means that one-touch options trading is a good option if you choose it in the correct way. Before you decide to embark on one-touch options trading, you need to know about binary options to a high extent. This is because, with binary options and trading in general, you will need to come to terms with the basics and the advanced trading techniques before you come to the most advanced trading strategies out there. One-touch options trading isn’t a difficult aspect of binary options trading to understand, but if you do end up knowing it, it’s just simply an extra way of making the money you’ve always wanted with binary options. Taking this into account, it is definitely worth knowing what one-touch options trading is all about.

One-touch options trading is usually offered over the weekend with binary options trading platforms. This is because most binary options trading platforms don’t have regular trading during these hours. To tell you the truth- in some cases one-touch options trading is fairly new. And some binary options trading platforms have added the feature more recently. If you do come across the trading feature on your binary options trading platform, it is 100% worth taking a try. This is true because the chance of earning high returns is very high. It’s been the case that the top binary options trading platforms out there have offered 480% return. This means to invest $100 you will get a 480% return. Or invest $200 and you will great $960. The high returns are one of the main reasons why people have chosen binary options and one-touch options trading.

Some binary options trading platforms may offer you one-touch options trading not only on the weekends – but this really all depends. One-touch options trading may be over a few days, weeks, or even months. It all really depends. The assets in question may be stocks, such as the Dow Jones. The conditions of the one-touch options trading feature of your binary options trading platform may say that the Dow has to hit a certain level by the end of the week and you are entitled to this much return. This means that one-touch options trading is a great time in which you can make loads of money. With returns like 480% on a single asset, then it is definitely worth taking your chance with one-touch options trading. More and more binary options trading platforms have this feature, so pay close attention!

If you are at the stage that you know the other features of a binary options trading platform, you really need to come to terms with one-touch options trading. The thing is that the more things you know about the platforms you are trading with, the easier it will be in the medium term to make the money you’ve always desired. Anyone with half a brain will take this opportunity. That means that you have to take the opportunity to take a deeper look into one-touch options trading. If you are new to the binary options game – it is still a good idea to look into one-touch options trading from the initial stages of binary options trading, as this will make you a true professional.

Binary Options in pdfIntroduction

If you happen to be interested in binary options, you will need to pick a binary options broker. Binary options brokers are the means of trading binary options. Therefore, you need to understand in detail what binary options entail. Each day that passes by – there are more and more available, and your job is knowing and finding which one to trade to match the requirements that will bring you the maximum satisfaction each time that you trade with binary options. Rather than consume so much time with research, you can save a lot of time by reading further about what binary options brokers have in store for you.

Features of Binary Options Brokers

To cut a long story short – you must trade with the binary options broker that has the features which will make you a happy person. To some people, this may be the most features and to others, this may be the most optimal features. You need to work out into which of these categories you fit! It is true that some binary options brokers do have more features than others. Generally, most people prefer to trade binary options with the binary options broker that offers the most features. There are some binary options that may be newer on the market than others, meaning that they may have fewer features than the established binary options brokers. You really need to look more into this in order to understand which are the best binary options brokers out there.

The most popular features of binary options brokers are the Call and Put options. For example, if you want to purchase a currency pair, such as the USD/JPY at the 83.68 level, if you expect it to expire higher than the current price you would incorporate a Call Option. On the other hand, if you expect the pair to expire below the current rate, you would incorporate a Put option. If your forecast turns out to be correct, then you are in the money. If your forecast proves to be incorrect, you are out of money. Most binary options brokers offer you a fixed return in both scenarios, which is good because even if you are out of the money – you have the chance to carry on trading.

Another popular feature of binary options brokers is the ability to deposit via various deposit methods. The most common deposit methods with binary options brokers are credit card, wire transfer. But more advanced brokers offer PayPal, Money Bookers, and Liberty Reserve. So before depositing with a binary options broker, you need to make sure that your most desired deposit method is possible. While speaking of deposit methods, we should also discuss withdrawal methods. Check which withdrawal methods are possible too, because when it comes to withdrawing funds, binary options brokers make this feature more limited.

Why Trade With Binary Options Brokers?

There are plenty of reasons why you should trade with binary options brokers. Firstly, if you do want to have the advantage of trading binary options, then this can only be done with a binary options broker. Binary options brokers are a perfect means that enables you to make high sums of money via binary options, while also reducing the risks, compared to other forms of trading. If you are a beginner or have much experience with trading, it doesn’t matter because binary options are designed for all trading levels – NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! With advantages like these, it is no wonder that traders are opening accounts with binary options brokers left, right, and center.

Binary Options in pdfThe majority of binary options platforms have indices from emerging markets like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, and Brazil on their list of available underlying assets. Returns on these assets vary from 60% to 71% and they expire hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. The question is – are these emerging markets indices worth binary options investments?

Emerging markets are countries with social or business activities that are quickly growing and becoming more industrialized. China and India are currently considered the two largest emerging economies today. In a transitional phase between developing and developed status, they are nations where politics matter at least as much as economics to the markets. So, what does this mean for the binary options / digital options trader? Below are the pros and cons of binary options trading on emerging market indices.

Let’s start with the pros of trading binary options on these indices. The best thing about binary options trading on emerging markets is that their performance is generally less correlated with developed markets. So they are a good choice if you are trying to diversify your binary options trading portfolio and reduce overall risk. These markets are much more volatile due to additional political, economic, and currency considerations, so there is a chance for large profit through binary options trading, but at the same time (here is the con) there is a risk for large losses.

Let’s look at some real-life developments in emerging markets to better understand the behavior of binary options. On February 18, Latin American stocks closed at one-month highs, driven by gains in Mexico, where new pension fund rules were announced – giving greater flexibility to fund managers to navigate volatility. Binary options traders active in this area would also know that the Mexican peso rose 0.44 percent to 12.8230 per US dollar in the wake of the new pension rules. Binary options analysts were optimistic about this development, saying that it should increase confidence in the stability of Mexico’s market and that it makes peso assets more attractive.

If you were a binary options trader interested in purchasing digital options related to the Mexican market, you might think about going for Call Binary Options right about now. You could invest in Call Binary Options that expire at the end of the week, since you predict, due to the current trends, that the IPC index will only rise.  IPC is the main indicator of the Mexican Stock Exchange. The number of stock series in the IPC’s constituent list is 35, being able to vary.

Just a few days later, binary options traders who were expecting the upward trend to continue would be sadly surprised when Mexican stocks moved lower as US jobless claims rose unexpectedly. Digital options investors saw the IPC Index was lower by 0.05% to 31,634.54. The B shares of copper miner Gruper Mexico were falling about 1.8% and the CPO shares of Mexico’s largest broadcaster Televisa were down by 2%. In addition, the Mexican peso weakened to 12.8685.

Here I will be the digital options devil’s advocate and say these developments could happen just as easily if you trade binary options on the FTSE 100 or the Dow Jones. Abrupt movements happen on indices – that’s what makes binary options so interesting and high paying more times than not.

Binary options platform has the largest variety of emerging market indices to invest in including IPC (Mexico), Bombay 30, Hang Seng of Hong Kong, Jakarta for Indonesia, and SSE 180 (China). They also offer binary options trading on other indices from around the world including Tadawul, Dubai, IBEX 53 (Spain), S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and Vix among others. The movement of each index can be followed straight from’s binary options website, which also publishes real-time financial news, so you don’t need to go anywhere else to follow the day’s developments and how they affect your binary options trading.

Binary options trading is no longer a small, revolutionary investment channel available only from a few online platforms. Several binary options platforms for operators have emerged this year with white labeling capabilities. So it looks like we are going to see many more binary options trading sites come out of the woodwork in the near future. Now that binary options have shifted from being a small, new investment tool to a widely accessible online trading phenomenon, what does that mean for the everyday trader?

A lot more binary options websites to choose from

This could be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the type of binary options trader you are. If you like the feeling of walking down a big supermarket aisle and having a choice from over 50 different tomato sauces, then the future looks bright for you. It seems like in a very short time, you will have a wide variety of sites to choose from to open your binary options account. And nobody is stopping you from opening more than one.

More competition, better binary options offers

We all know the basic laws of supply and demand. Competition causes businesses to try new ways to attract customers by lowering prices, improving quality, and developing new products and services. You might find yourself comparing binary options accounts sign up deals and registering where you get the best offer. So keep your eyes peeled for monetary bonuses offered in combination with your first binary options deposit. Who knows, other offers like welcome bonuses and loyalty schemes could also creep their way into this niche.

More underlying assets

Could it be that binary options sites will start working extra hard to add new underlying assets to their portfolio in order to top their competitors? This could be a very interesting development and definitely a plus for binary options traders looking to widen their investment activities. Only time will tell but let’s be optimistic about this one. As of today, most binary options websites will allow you to purchase binary options on indices from around the world like Dow Jones, Nasdaq, CAC, and the FTSE 100. Other tradable underlying assets include currency pairs like AUD/USD, EUR/GBP, and USD/JPY, commodities such as gold, silver, copper, and oil. Last but not least, there are stocks such as Morgan Stanley, Check Point, and Apple.
We already saw add 28 new underlying assets to its offering in the second half of 2009. The latest binary options underlying assets to be added were the stocks Turkcell (NYSE) and McDonald’s and the index ISE 30 Future. Before these additions, added 11 other stocks to its binary options portfolio: Akbank Turk, BBVA, British Petroleum, CheckPoint, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Isbank, Nike Inc, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Vodafone, and Volkswagen. These additions were on top of the Malaysian indices KLSE and Jakarta, the German indices MDAX, and TECDAX.

So you could say that the online binary options scene is led by, an all-proprietary binary options trading platform. Using unique algorithms, the platform can support online trading services at any time on a wide range of binary options like indices options, forex options, commodity options, and currency pairs. Binary options or fixed return options on this website payout 65-71% if the binary options expire in-the-money and 15% if the option expires out-of-the-money. is available in English, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic, and German, which gives it an international appeal, and transactions are accepted in all currencies.
Higher binary options return rates.

It is also a possibility that binary options sites will start offering more attractive return rates on certain Call and Put trades in order to snatch new users. Other benefits like a wider variety of payment options and features like mobile phone access are also forecasted to emerge once the market is more saturated.

Binary Options in pdfYou see the banners advertising binary options or digital options platforms all over the web these days and it just seems too good to be true. Gain up to 71% in less than an hour? Get back 15% if the binary options expire out of the money? Yes, all of these statements are indeed true and you can really make thousands of dollars with binary options in very little time. For those of you skeptics out there who are still not sure about purchasing fixed return options, read this post on the truths and myths of this brand new investment tool…

Myth: The probability of earning from binary options trading is low.
This couldn’t be more untrue. Those who invest wisely and study the underlying assets that they purchase do earn big. The biggest advantage that binary options trading has over regular trading is that you don’t need to predict how much the market will move. It’s enough just to recognize the fluctuation of the market and to determine whether the binary options will go up or down. It only takes one pip movement to put your investment in-the-money and you will receive your full return.

Myth: You need to be a financial expert to succeed with binary options.
There is no need to have extensive knowledge to trade binary options successfully. All you need is the ability to predict the direction of the market. To do this, all it takes is an hour or two of reading markets and industries updates from your favorite internet news source every day (which you probably do already). Using an online binary options platform is really easy. There isn’t much to it except clicking on the “up” or “down” arrows. I don’t mean to over-simplify here but that’s really how basic it is!
In addition, to identify trends before you trade, most binary options trading platforms display the movement of each underlying asset on the market for the past hour in a linear graph form. There is usually an option to review the previous expiration rates of the underlying assets as well.

Myth: You have to sit at the computer and follow your binary options all day.

Huge myth! Transactions expire automatically so there is no need to sit in front of your computer all day. Results are available for checking at any given time. Also, many binary options providers offer a free SMS results service. Truth: If your market prediction is wrong, you get your money back.Yes indeed! On the good binary options sites, whenever you purchase Call or Put binary options, you are awarded the reverse option automatically without any fee that protects 15% of your investment. Simply put: you invested $10,000 and it was successful – it turned into $17,000. The opposite expiration would still leave you with a $1,500 refund. Truth: You can receive 71% in returns with binary options. Depending on the underlying asset, you can make between 65 – 71% and it only depends on one thing – the rate of the underlying asset at the time of expiry. Truth: You don’t need a broker, advisor, or to pay commissions to trade binary options. All you need is a binary options account and then it is just you and the market. Truth: Binary options account members get bonuses for depositing.Another great truth! Some binary options sites will reward traders with extra cash if they deposit a certain amount to their binary options account. Also, there are sites that have special weekend deals. Don’t be surprised if you receive a phone call or email from time to time from a customer service representative offering you a loyalty bonus. Truth: Binary options are a thrilling and exciting investment tool. And if you are not yet ready to invest, try out a binary options site demo. You’ll see how easy it is and be fully convinced!

Binary Options in pdfBinary options or digital options is all about forecasting the price direction of an underlying asset within a pre-defined time frame. You have only two possible options to choose from – up or down. This is the simple part. The complexity lies in choosing the right underlying asset to study and follow on a regular basis in order to succeed when you make binary options investments.

In this blog post, we will go over binary options trading on indices such as the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and FTSE 100. Let’s start with the basics before we look at what you can do with binary options on the stock indices. An index is a measurement of a section of the stock market. Indexes often serve as indicators against which financial or economic performance is measured. For example, the Dow Jones Industrial Index is the most widely followed representation of the performance of large-capitalization stocks in the US.
You can invest in binary options or digital options, as some call them, on the Dow Jones, which is a price-weighted average of 30 significant stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq. Should you purchase binary options on the Dow Jones, you would be investing in the performance of companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Pfizer, and Citigroup among others. Binary options can be traded on indices from all over the world including Dow Jones, FTSE 100, Nasdaq, S&P 500, Bombay 30, Dubai, and Hang Seng among many others.

For those who are just starting to trade binary options or fixed return options on indices, we recommend that you start with smaller investments until you gain some experience. Binary options move very fast and it’s important to do a lot of research on the markets if you want to invest larger sums. So basically, treat binary options as punts and then with more experience turn them into full-scale investments.

Let’s look at an example of a binary options trade:

From the end of this past January into February, the Dow Jones lost 723 points or 6.7% of its value within 12 trading days. The selloff concluded on Thursday, February 4 with a 268-point drop, bringing the index to its lowest point since early November. Let’s put the fact aside that this turn for the worse came as a surprise to many binary options traders since in mid-January everything seemed to be going fine. We’ll now look at how you would have been able to make this drop work in your favor had you been able to predict the direction correctly using binary options.

You have been following the Dow Jones on a regular basis every since you got into binary options trading and by the end of January, you are already well aware of the downward trend that is panning out. You are aware that on February 4, the US Labor Department will release a report on the jobs market and you have a hunch that the results will be dismal. You feel quite confident that the Dow Jones will drop so you invest in a Put binary option for $1,000 from your online binary options account – to expire at the end of the trading day.  Your binary options platform provider offers you a 67% return rate. Low and behold, the report is disappointing and the Dow Jones is down at the day’s end.  And you just collected a $670 return.

It’s important to mention that had the Dow Jones dropped only by a single pip you would still have collected the returns as in binary options, that’s all it takes to carry out a successful investment. As you can see from this example, while binary options trading is a simple way to invest, it still does require some research and commitment from your side to stay up to date on what is happening in finance. So stay in the know and we promise it will increase the cash flow.